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IBM Watson

IBM всерьез нацелен на рынок аналитики (BigData, predictive analytics, deep learning, whatever).

Вначале неплохая рекламная кампания продукта IBM Watson. Пересадили систему с суперкомпьютера на обычные мэйнстримные сервера, и отправили IBM Watson побеждать мировых чемпионов игры Jeopardy!

Затем пошли продаваться в медицину. Watson уже помогает онкологам в постановке диагнозов и выборе лечения.

Watson, в отличие от живых медиков, может читать те десятки тысяч научных статей по онкологии, которые пишутся в мире каждый год, и анализировать миллионы историй болезни. Очень полезная машина по переработке информации.

См видео о том, как это может работать в медицине:

Дальше Watson может заняться кулинарией:

In San Jose, I.B.M. plans to serve the assembled analysts a breakfast pastry devised by Watson, called a “Spanish crescent.” It is a collaboration of Watson’s software and James Briscione, a chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan.

I.B.M. researchers have watched and talked to Mr. Briscione as he works, selecting ingredients and building out dishes. Watson has read those notes, 20,000 recipes, data on the chemistry of food ingredients, and measured ratings of flavors people like in categories like “olfactory pleasantness.”

Watson’s assignment has been to come up with recipes that are both novel and taste good. In the case of the breakfast pastry, Watson was told to come up with something inspired by Spanish cuisine, but unusual and healthy. The computer-ordered ingredients include cocoa, saffron, black pepper, almonds and honey — but no butter, Watson’s apparent nod to healthier eating.

Then, Mr. Briscione, working with those ingredients, had to adjust portions and make the pastry.

“If I could have used butter, it would have been a lot easier,” said the chef, who used vegetable oil instead.

Michael Karasick, director of I.B.M.’s Almaden lab, had one of the Spanish crescents for breakfast recently. “Pretty good” was his scientific judgment.

В каких отраслях его еще можно применить? Финансы? Инженерия? Mining?

Официальная страничка, там много материалов о Watson’е:

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